Australian Embassy
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Km 4, Thadeua Road, Watnak (P.O. Box 292)

Australian Passports


How long to get a passport

You should allow a minimum of 6 weeks to receive a passport, no matter where you apply.

If you’re planning travel in the next six months, it’s best to apply for a passport now.

A child passport without full parental consent takes much longer.

To minimise processing time, make sure your application includes everything we need.

As passports are printed in Australia, we are unable to offer a priority service in Laos.

You can call us at +856 21 353800 or email: [email protected] if you have further enquiries regarding your Australian passport. 


Mailed in application (optional) 

 If you are considering mailing in your application, please contact us first.


Submit in person

It is preferable for passport customers to submit their application in person at Australian Embassy, Vientiane. This is to protect your identity.


Passport appointment

Passport services are available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm.

For these services a prior appointment is required, and can be made by calling +856 21 353800 (extension 160), or by emailing: [email protected]


Child passport

Please note that child applications should be lodged in person by a parent or person with parental responsibility for the child. The parent or person lodging the application is not required to be an Australian citizen, but will need to bring photographic proof of their own identity.

Anyone who lodges a child application has to show us ID documents that have their photo, signature and residential address.

Children aged 16 or 17 have to come with you when you lodge their applications.

Children aged 15 and under don’t need to come with you.

Child passport application forms can be downloaded at the Australian Passport Office website.


Fees and payment

Fees are payable in cash (Lao Kip or USD) or by Visa card or Mastercard.

Payments by bank transfer are not available. 

The fees may change monthly due to local exchange rate

The updated passport fees are available below:

Passport Fees

Month - July 2024



Passports (32 page)

10-year passport (for persons 18 and over)



10-year passport (for persons 16-17)



5-year passport (for children under 16)



5-year passport (optional for persons 75 and over)









Observation made on passport after issue



Other travel documents and services

Certificate of Identity



Document of Identity



Convention Travel Document



Priority Processing




Passport collection

To collect the passport you will need to attend our office in person at below address. 

You DO NOT require an appointment to collect your passport.

Australian Embassy, Vientiane

Km 4, Thadeua Road, Watnak Village, Sisattanak District

Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR

Collection Hours: 2.00 - 4.00 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays (excluding Embassy public holidays).


Guarantors for a Passport Application

If your passport application requires a guarantor, they must meet the following criteria:

  • is 18 years of age or over
  • has known the applicant for at least 12 months
  • is not related to the applicant by birth, marriage, de facto or same sex relationship, or live at the applicant's address (please do not use your helper to as a guarantor, as they will be ineligible as they live with you at your address)
  • holds a current (unexpired) Australian passport that was issued with at least two years validity OR be currently employed in the following approved professional or occupational group.
    • Accountants who are employed by companies, institutes, local or international organisations
    • Bank Managers
    • Clerk of Courts
    • Dentists
    • Judges 
    • Lawyers
    • Policer Officers with at least 5 years continuous full-time service
    • Postal Managers
    • Public Servants or government officials who are currently full-time employees of local government office and have been employed continuously for at least 5 years by their current employer
    • Registered Medical Practitioners (Doctors and GPs only)
    • Registered Nurses or Mid - wives
    • Registered Pharmacists
    • Registered Teachers - with at least 5 years continuous full-time service
    • Village Chief of the village you reside


Photo guidelines

Passport photographs must conform to specific requirements.

Australian Passport Photoshops in Vientiane Capital, Laos:

Best Image

Ban Kaoyord, Sisattanak District

Rue Setthathirath, Sakarin Road

Vientiane Capital

Tel +856 21 219694 and 856 20 55615260


King Photo Digital

Ban Mixay, Chanthabouly District

Rue Setthathirath

Vientiane Capital

Tel +856 21 215645 and 856 20 55607447


Lost and stolen passports

If your passport is lost or stolen, you have to tell us as soon as possible. You can do this:

  • Contact us at Australian Embassy, Vientiane, Laos during business hours by calling +856 21 353800; or
  • in person at our office

You need to report the theft or loss to Immigration Police, who will provide you with a police report.

To apply for a replacement, you will need to provide a police report or Certificate of Loss and complete the full application form (PC8 Form) as if you are applying for a first passport. If you cannot meet the requirements for a new full-validity passport, and you need to travel urgently, you can apply for an emergency passport. Strict conditions apply.


Emergency Passports

Please visit our Australian Passport Office website for more information about emergency passport



You can submit feedback to us on our Consular, Notarial and Passport services by emailing us here.  

The Australian Passport Office has a series of videos about apply for and using an Australian passport. The videos are available for viewing at the following link: