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Abundant Water (AW) Workshop

Abundant Water (AW) Workshop - 18 November 2014

Thanks for joining us today for this visit to Abundant Water – and to Sunny Forsyth and his staff for hosting us.

Today is a chance to see how this water filter technology works – and the impact it is having in poor communities in the Lao PDR.

As Australian Ambassador, I am proud of the work Abundant Water are doing in the Lao PDR. It’s a small organisation, funded mainly by private donations from private Australians, but it is having a big impact in developing countries.

It’s a great example of Australian innovation – a simple ceramic water filter adapted to support poor communities.

Abundant Water have helped deliver clean water for drinking to over a thousand households and several schools in remote areas of the Lao PDR.

The use of cheap, local materials (like clay and coffee grains) means the technology is very suitable for the Lao PDR

It has the potential to reach many more communities in remote, rural areas to deliver clean water and help fight (waterborne) diseases.

Abundant Water is already working with a number of organisations to help poor communities across the Lao PDR – like ChildFund, Helvetas, PADETC and CDEA

Our reason for bringing you here, our friends from the Lao media, is to help inform other organisations of the potential value in using this new, simple technology in their projects across the Lao PDR.

Thanks again for joining us today.