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Medical Services in Laos

Planning for your own health in Laos

The following information will help you better plan for your own health in Laos.

Medical facilities outside of Vientiane are quite minimal and totally inadequate in remoter regions of the country. Travellers should consider early evacuation from remote regions for anything more than a minor illness (especially in Northern Laos). Those with unstable medical conditions should consider in advance whether traveling to northern Laos is advisable. There are no suitable local facilities or human resources to treat serious conditions. Evacuation to Thailand can take some time. Medical evacuation from remote areas in Laos is problematic and is not always possible by air. Land transfer can sometimes take 2 or 3 days. Travel during the wet season could delay evacuation further.

When the Australian Embassy Clinic is closed or when the doctor/nurse are away there are several medical options available depending on the time of day and the type of medical condition you have. There is a French run Clinic in Vientiane that is staffed by an expatriate doctor and provides General Practice Services. It is located on Kouvieng Road.

Phone number: +856 [0] 21 214 150

For most medical scenarios other than minor issues we would recommend that you seek medical care from hospital services in Thailand. Some doctors in Lao are Western trained but facilities and equipment are often old and poorly maintained.

Most patients that require accident and emergency or specialist services are advised to attend Aek Udon Hospital in Udon Thani, which is a 2 hour drive from Vientiane across the border. It is sometimes possible to arrange for an ambulance to come from Aek Udon Hospital in Thailand to Vientiane.

There are hospitals in Nong Kai which is a 45 minute drive from Vientiane just across the border. Major 1st Class Hospitals in Bangkok are a 90 minute flight away. There are two flights to Bangkok a day from Vientiane.

If you are not able to access these hospitals then the options in Vientiane include Mahosot, Sethathirath and Metapap Hospitals. Metapap [Friendship Hospital] is the trauma hospital and is the best one to attend if you suspect a fracture. Mahosot and Sethathirath are general hospitals.

Hospitals in Thailand

Udon Thani:
Aek Udon International Hospital, Tel 0066 42 342 555 or Mobile: 0066 819 540 954
Wattana Hospital, Nong Kai [just over the border] Tel 0066 42 465 201-8

Hospitals in Laos, Vientiane:
Mahosot Hospital (856-21) 214 018
Mother and Child Hospital (856-21) 216 410
Sethathirath Hospital (856-21) 351156, or (856-21) 351 158
Mittaphap [Friendship Hospital] (150 Beds) (856-21) 710 006 ext 141
Municipal Ambulance Service 195

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